Education reform may not be needed


I take umbrage at Gov. John Kasich's comments in the Jan. 24 Blade article "Kasich vows education reform." Mr. Kasich said that first-graders should be introduced to ideas about occupations, which emphasizes how uninformed politicians and the business community are about the curriculum taught in public schools.

I and a fellow first-grade teacher, who have 31 and 35 years of experience respectively, have taught many lessons in our classrooms about careers, jobs, and employment.

We taught lessons about producing goods and services. We explored the idea of helping in the community by having our students read books, view videos, and visit a fire station and a library.

We invited guest speakers such as a dental hygienist and a meteorologist to visit our classrooms to help students understand careers. We had a nationally known author visit our school every year to share information about how to become a writer.

We taught students about working to earn money so they can take care of themselves when they get older, and emphasized the idea of needs, wants, and savings.

We emphasized that in addition to having a job or career, to be a productive citizen and a member of the community, students needed to have a volunteer job too.

Gov. Kasich and the business community should investigate what is taught in our public schools before they try to reform the education process.


Sylvania Township