Fired gay teacher not role model


Teachers should be people of impeccable character whom our children can look up to as role models. Brian Panetta secured a teaching position in a Catholic school system, which teaches that homosexuality is a sin (“Gay teacher’s wedding plan costs job; Catholic school music director’s actions oppose Church policy,” Jan. 15).

Parents send their children to Catholic school to learn how to be a Catholic Christian, as well as to learn skills for life. By choosing to teach in a Catholic school despite his lifestyle, and then to announce his lifestyle publicly, Mr. Panetta flaunted his beliefs against the church’s teachings.

He apparently does not place his students first and his personal choices second, despite parents’ wishes indicated by their choice of school for their children.

I do not think Mr. Panetta is a good role model. I applaud Sandusky Central Catholic School officials for quick and decisive action in giving him a termination letter.

Sylvania Township

Diocese, school stood on principle
I commend the Toledo Catholic Diocese and Sandusky Central Catholic School for their decision that the school’s music director could not continue as an employee as a result of his planned gay marriage.

As a practicing Catholic, I find it refreshing to see church administrators support the church’s teaching.

More people support gay marriage, but to me, a true marriage always will be between one man and one woman. Other relationships, whatever they are called, are not marriage.

Catholic schools have the right to demand that all their teachers follow the teachings of the Church.



Where’s credit for gay teacher’s job?
Your article neglected to mention the positive aspects of Mr. Panetta’s five years directing the music program at Sandusky Central Catholic School, as well as Church teachings about judging others.

Lambertville, Mich.


‘Marriage’ has a wide definition
Perhaps I misunderstood the response to Blade Editor David Kushma’s Jan. 26 op-ed column, “Same-sex marriage vote this year could be dicey,” but the letter writer’s definitions of “marriage” and “family” are debatable (“Same-sex union not a marriage,” Readers’ Forum, Feb. 2).

The writer’s biology reference is correct. However, this reproduction happens in a legal marriage. According to the writer, a couple that is unable to produce offspring is in a “union,” not a “marriage.” Although an adopted child maintains the species, by the writer’s definition that does not make a “family.”

Marriage is not just for continuing the species, but for the joining of two people to share their lives — legally, physically, and emotionally. A “family” does not happen only by physically reproducing.

Malden Avenue