Find other uses for Asian carp


Your Jan. 10 editorial “Block the carp — now” makes readers aware that a war to prevent an invasion by Asian carp of the Great Lakes is necessary and immediate.

A thoughtful approach advocated by some political representatives is a complete separation of the Great Lakes from the Mississippi River watershed. The estimated $18.4 billion cost of this plan over 25 years is vastly outweighed by the likely losses in the fishing and tourism industries over the same period if the carp infest the lakes.

States already infested with Asian carp should develop economically productive ways to use the fish. One way might include harvesting carp for use as fertilizer for organic farms. Industries and jobs could be created to control this nuisance species.

Lynbridge Lane

Put bounty on Asian carp
The government should put a bounty on Asian carp. That would solve the problem and save money.

Briarwood Lane


The real issues about buffer zones
The case before the U.S. Supreme Court about buffer zones around abortion clinics in Massachusetts doesn’t seem to be centered on free speech (“Buffer zone needed,” editorial, Jan. 17). No one is prohibiting abortion protesters from voicing their opinions.

The protesters seem to want the right to force people to listen to them. While they have the right to voice their opinions, others have just as much right to ignore them.



No to FitzGerald’s running mate
Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ed FitzGerald has chosen an abortion-rights advocate as his running mate (“FitzGerald makes new pick for running mate; Lawyer, 62, added to Democratic ticket,” Jan. 18). Some public officials choose death over life for babies. I have decided not to vote for Mr. FitzGerald.

Brownstone Boulevard

Watching violence undermines family
People who preach about raising children in a good environment, and tout the benefits of having a stable neighborhood in which to live, do not seem to understand the effects of children and family members watching murder, mayhem, and gang violence, all day and all night, on television, computers, and iPads (“For 2014: Slow down, tweet less, read more,” op-ed column, Jan. 2).

Adella Street