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Letters to the Editor


Veto of anti-gay bill proper

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer correctly vetoed a bill that would have allowed businesses to deny services to members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community (“Arizona saves itself from falling into the grand canyon of public shame,” op-ed column, March 1).

The bill’s sponsors claimed religious freedom gave them authority to discriminate against gays. Religious freedom means the right to participate in one’s religion of choice with like-minded believers.

When a dogma is forced onto others, then it is no longer religious freedom. It becomes religious tyranny, which is not a First Amendment right.

Churches can deny services to their LGBT members, because they have the right to discriminate among themselves.

Religious freedom means Americans may practice their religion. It does not mean they may impose their religious dogma on other Americans.


Archbold, Ohio





Nothing exits a black hole

Your Feb. 24 article “Black holes: It’s snack time in the cosmos” described scientists likely being able to observe a black hole consuming a gas cloud. It stated that “virtually nothing leaks out” from a black hole.

In fact, absolutely nothing exits a black hole because of its intense gravitational pull — sort of like cosmic flypaper.

Black holes are quite possibly the most mysterious objects in the universe, because it is not known what occurs inside one.




No school; where are snowmen?

Have you seen many snowmen lately? You would think that with all this snow and all the snow days kids have had, there would be a snowman in every other yard.

Sadly, I sense that instead of kids going outside to get exercise and make snowmen, they are inside, sitting on a sofa, finding out how many aliens they can kill in their video games.


Harvest Lane


Carrier withstood bad weather

The wild winter hasn’t seemed to affect my Blade carrier. Neither snow, nor ice, nor a Level 3 snow emergency could keep him from his route and getting my paper to me every morning.

Job well done, Damian Ogrodowski. Thank you.




Daylight-saving endangers youths

What is the advantage of daylight-saving time (“Light shed on daylight-saving time dangers,” Readers’ Forum, March 2)? It jeopardizes the safety of our schoolchildren during the dark hours of the morning.


Springfield Township

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