Bedford school plan needs study


Residents in Bedford Public Schools need to have a serious debate before we vote on a bond issue that will bury us in $70 million of debt, on top of all the other bond issues we are paying on (“Bedford schools to make case for levy in series of meetings,” March 10).

Why do district officials want to tear down three schools at a cost of about $1.2 million? How will this help students? Will they be better prepared for college or trade school or to meet the challenges of life? Probably not.

I get the impression that someone is trying to establish a legacy on the backs of taxpayers. I am retired and on a fixed income. I cannot vote for any more bond issues.


Temperance, Mich.


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Are youth funds not spent right?

Your Feb. 5 article “License starts road to success” said that the Lucas County Board of Commissioners and the Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority will spend $50,000 to help low-income teenagers obtain a driver’s license.

Your Feb. 7 article “Hearing, speech center closes” said the Toledo Hearing and Speech Center is closing because of financial problems. More then 700 children with hearing and speech disorders and autism will lose hearing and speech services, and 35 jobs are lost.

Ten years ago, both of those programs would have been funded because the basic concept of each is viable.

But today apparently there is not money for both.

The physical and mental health of our children must come first. If our elected and appointed officials cannot understand that, maybe it is time to rethink who should represent us.




Job creators not creating jobs

Contrary to what too many people believe, the ultra-wealthy do not create jobs when their taxes are lowered (“Progressives rightly make the undeserving rich nervous,” op-ed column, Feb. 3). If that were the case, this country would be booming.

Billionaires don’t create jobs simply because they have more money. Jobs are created by increased demand for products.

The recovery from the recession has been weak because the real wages of most Americans have gone down. Less buying power equals less demand.

I am not advocating socialism, only that gains in productivity be shared more equally by all. If this is class warfare, it’s time to fight back.




Women’s rights message mixed

I find it odd that Dr. Amjad Hussain, a Muslim from Pakistan, has the audacity to lecture American men about women’s rights (“Film a reminder to men of problems women still face,” op-ed column, March 3).

If Dr. Hussain feels the need to lecture, he should do so at his mosque. The women there are separated from men when they pray. Or perhaps he should do so in Pakistan.


Grand Rapids, Ohio