Youth programs would raise hope


Columnist Keith C. Burris’ March 9 commentary, “Toledo needs a full-fledged youth program,” and your same-day editorial “Treatment deficit” were compelling. The crux of the commentary and editorial was funding with our tax dollars.

We cannot continue to squander Toledo’s most valuable resource: our youths. A successful youth program would reduce the need for drug rehabilitation programs, and at best eliminate the need for drug rehab.

I want my tax dollars to fund hope in Toledo.


Flanders Hill Road


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Blade’s focus on addiction lauded

I commend The Blade on your recent articles, columns, and editorials about the heroin epidemic and the disease of addiction. Finally, there is a voice for all those who suffer from this terrible disease.

Our community desperately needs education in this matter. More treatment facilities and more employment opportunities for people in recovery also are needed.

There is a misconception that people choose to become addicts. No one would choose a life of misery, loneliness, and the stigma associated with addiction.

Many people have lost everything, including their families. Addiction has cost many their freedom, because they turned to crime to feed their habit.

People in recovery need a safety net of sober living and halfway houses, or they are doomed to relapse. I hope The Blade continues to cover this issue, and to educate us about it.


Temperance, Mich.


City needs to groom leaders

Your March 8 editorial “Fiscal flip-flopping” was half right. For Toledo City Council to have creative ideas, it must have forward-thinking individuals.

Mayor D. Michael Collins’ older staff members need to share their knowledge with young, bright, and energetic individuals who are ready and willing to serve our community.

Mayor Collins has mentors for the younger members of his staff. He and council need to ensure that the city’s upcoming leaders can do just that: lead.


Coral Avenue