Spay, neuter pets to aid solution


Animal shelters locally and nationwide are overflowing with dogs and cats who need and deserve loving homes (“Test a life-or-death matter for dogs at county shelter; Blade will publish exam scores for canines killed,” March 17). One estimate, by Best Friends Animal Society, says more than 9,000 shelter pets are killed each day in the United States.

It breaks my heart when I see litters for sale. Some people want to get their investment back, or to make extra money on the side, or just don’t bother to spay or neuter their pets.

Home breeding contributes to a reduction in shelter adoptions and an increase in the shelter population from unsold puppies and kittens. Many organizations are working tirelessly to reduce the number of dogs and cats in shelters, but they can’t do it without the help of pet owners.

People should accept their pet’s love and companionship as a return on their investment, and spay or neuter their pet.


Not all dogs can be rescued
I gave a husky to a family that trains dogs for sled racing, but the family had the dog put down because of food guarding (“Food guarder killed in error; 2 dogs put in pilot program,” March 12). They had small children, and any dog that guarded its food was not kept around.

My daughter was bit in the face when she was 5 years old, because the dog had been given a bone and was protecting it. Luckily, the dog’s teeth missed her eye.

I have rescued dogs. However, after rescuing a “pit bull”-type dog that tried to attack me twice, and having my arm torn up by a Rottweiler, I have decided that all dogs can’t be rescued or rehabilitated.

A person who is attacked by a dog will come to the same conclusion.

Grand Rapids, Ohio


Dogs’ owners are to blame in killing
No one is asking why the two dogs that may have killed two pigs were more than a mile from home (“2 dogs are granted stay of execution; Hearing set for Tuesday on canines convicted of killing pigs,” March 15).

Do the owners care so little about their pets that they let them run loose? Don’t blame the dogs. Charge the owners.

Foxcroft Road


Enough of dogs; let’s have variety
Enough already. We know The Blade loves dogs. I too love dogs and cats.

That said, the amount of columns, photos, and pages of coverage of dogs is ridiculous for a newspaper of your size, history, and stature.

We live in an enormous, interesting world bubbling over with news every day. I want more variety in my daily paper.