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Letters to the Editor


Bullet blameless in death

As usual, The Blade attributes the tragic death of a police officer on a bullet, as if it had a mind of its own (“Officer Chavez,” editorial, March 18). Never mind that the bullet was fired by a man who pulled the trigger on a gun that no amount of laws would keep him from possessing.

When will The Blade blame and hold accountable predators roaming our streets and not on the inanimate objects they possess? When will The Blade stop trying to control and restrict law-abiding, self-defending citizens who are not the problem?




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Euthanize dogs that guard food

Animal-rights people won’t be happy until every stray dog in Lucas County is spared (“Test a life-or-death matter for dogs at county shelter; Blade will publish exam scores for canines killed,” March 17). The problem is that the strays are multiplying faster than they are adopted.

There are some dogs that are unadoptable. These dogs are eating funds while the activists squabble over who should be saved. There is only so much public funding sources to care for this growing problem. Activists should open their homes and wallets to solve the problem.

Julie Lyle, director of Lucas County Canine Care & Control, is doing an admirable job under the circimstances. When you have irresponsible dog owners burning her budget, there is no Brinks’ truck in the city that can quench that fire.

There is only one way to control the stray population: Continue the euthanasia program on dogs that protect their food, because they can’t be trusted.


Erie, Mich.


Dog problem blame misplaced

I am tired of hearing about the overpopulation of dogs in the area. It is not easy to put down a dog for whatever the reason. Julie Lyle is doing the best job that she can under the circumstances. But we have to realize that there is no solution short of a mass euthanasia for so many unwanted animals.

The real problem is with thoughtless humans who do not get their animals spayed or neutered.


Tetherwood Drive


Focus should be on babies, moms

I love animals and am in awe of the stories The Blade publishes of work, time, and money people provide to our defenseless four-legged friends — but what about human babies?

Hardly ever do I read of people engaged in facets of saving these babies from slaughter in abortion clinics. The Blade would do the community a great service by devoting more of its printed space to seek help and shelter for women and their pre-born and born babies.


Sylvania Township

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