Give Treece plan chance to take flight


I am not a fan of the way the Treece family has conducted its campaign to take control of Toledo Express Airport, but I think if the family could start over, it would do things differently (“Private plan for airport panned; City, port authority say Treece proposal unworkable, confusing,” April 4).

The family has shot itself in the foot by playing games about how it wants to present its proposal. That said, the airport recently has lost money and nobody has been able to figure out how to manage it in the long term.

I did not vote for the last levy request by the Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority, because so much of its budget goes toward a losing operation, not toward building employment.

The port authority should bite the bullet and let another organization or group of people make the airport a good business.


Monclova Township


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Treeces deserve some respect

Why doesn’t Blade columnist Keith C. Burris address the Treece family’s plans for Toledo Express Airport with any sense of professionalism (“Treeces’ play for airport amounted to no plan at all,” commentary, April 6)?

Every column that he has written on this subject has been filled with unwarranted attacks on the Treece family. They are a business-oriented family that is trying to do something productive for this area.

Grow up, Mr. Burris.


Sylvania Township


Nothing ‘minor’ about the 180th

I take exception to Dock David Treece’s description of the 180th Fighter Wing of the Ohio Air National Guard as “minor.” Since 9/‚Äč11, the 180th has played a vital role in the safety and security of our nation.

I am a former member of the unit, which always has maintained the highest standards. It is not minor in any way. Mr. Treece is only looking to enhance his bottom line in wanting to privatize the airport.




Airport will be OK, maybe

I can’t blame the city administration for not wanting to make any changes to Toledo Express. I drove by there the other day and saw a plane — not a jet — and it was flying.

The airport should stay the course and, like everything else around here, it’ll work itself out. Or not.