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Letters to the Editor


GM will motor on, despite crisis

The crisis at General Motors Co. doesn’t spell doom for the company (“How GM handles crisis will show whether it has changed,” op-ed column, April 10). GM will weather this storm.

GM’s quality control has improved in recent years, according to publications such as Consumer Reports. The Chevrolet Cobalt is a pretty forgettable car, mostly made before the bailout. GM wisely replaced it with the better Cruze.




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There is reason to buy GM vehicles

Your April 9 editorial “GM’s shame” said: “It is getting harder to argue that buying a GM vehicle is a rational decision.” You missed the item on the same day’s business page: “2 GM SUVs get highest rating in crash tests.”

That sounds like a pretty rational argument for considering GM when consumers make a buying decision. I’m sure thousands of Blade readers who depend on GM for their livelihood would agree.


Fayette, Ohio


Let’s be fair to automakers

It is time to be fair to manufacturers. GM is getting blasted because of a faulty ignition switch.

The process of making parts inexpensive is not new. It is simple economics. If the sum of all component costs is too high, the vehicle will be overpriced for the market. Cheap consumers will go elsewhere to buy a vehicle.

My sister once fell out of our car when the door flew open during a turn. Dad just picked her up and tossed her in the back seat. No recall, no lawsuit, no Senate investigation.




Media IDs aren’t for general access

The General Dynamics tank plant in Lima is a sensitive area, and people inside or outside its gates are subject to scrutiny (“Liberty and security,” editorial, April 6).

A newspaper identification card is not a free pass to go anywhere and do anything. Freedom of the press does not give anyone the right to ignore officials who are performing their duties.

If guards stop someone, they are criticized for being too aggressive. If they don’t question people and something happens, they are criticized for not being more vigilant.

Why didn’t The Blade’s reporter and photographer advise the authorities that they were going to be taking photos and make an appointment, as most people do when they call on a business?




At odds with 2 amendments

In the same edition in which you published a story about two of your staffers being detained, you had the audacity to print a guest editorial about gun control (“Where’s gun control?”, March 29).

You do not mind tramping on your readers’ Second Amendment rights. But you scream when you believe your First Amendment rights have been violated.

Our Constitution goes to the core of our democracy. You do not have the right to pick and choose the content that protects you and disregard the balance of the document because you do not agree with it.



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