Kudos for stand on environment


Blade Editor David Kushma fulfilled the role of the Fourth Estate brilliantly by telling our governor to veto Senate Bill 310 in his May 25 op-ed column, “Get ready to veto this bad bill, governor.” Mr. Kushma devised a way to show the voters whom Mr. Kasich is looking out for.

I wish Mr. Kushma also could give us his insight into the role of Americans for Prosperity and the American Legislative Exchange Council in promoting an oligarchy of crony capitalism.

The right to clean air and water is far more important than any other right spelled out in our Bill of Rights. If we fail to safeguard this right, in the long run there won’t be the need to worry about all the other rights, because many of us would not be here to have them.


Bowling Green


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Hysteria? No: Climate shift scary

The Blade has not promoted hysteria over reason with its stories, op-ed columns, and editorials about climate change (“Climate-change fears just hysteria,” Readers’ Forum, May 20). Just the opposite — climate change fears are well-founded. The future is looking very scary.


Darlington Road


Columnist silent on liberal-bashing

In his April 15 op-ed column, “Diversity and dishonesty: Mozilla, university preach sham pluralism,” Ross Douthat mourns the resignation of Mozilla Foundation chief executive Brendan Eich and Brandeis University‘s uninvitation of human rights activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali to speak at commencement.

Where was Mr. Douthat when right wingers destroyed so many careers and people during President Bill Clinton’s years? They are trying to destroy President Obama’s appointees to government positions. Mr. Douthat is strangely silent about that.




Is plan for seniors just to go away?

Not all of the changes in the health-care industry are good. I recently received a 1.5 percent cost-of-living adjustment in my retirement income. But the cost of my private health insurance went up three times as much.

My wife suffers with asthma, and she is supposed to use a certain medication. However, we cannot afford the increased cost.

So don’t tell me that the new health-care law is good. I guess lawmakers want all of us senior citizens just to go away.