V.A. did right by this vet


Because stories of Department of Veterans Affairs health-care failures seem to be grabbing headlines, I feel obligated to share my own V.A. experience (“Local veterans voice their frustration over having to deal with V.A. delays,” June 9).

I’m a 20-year Army veteran who has used the V.A. for health care over the past decade. I have always found the V.A. doctors, nurses, and administrators in Toledo and Ann Arbor to be top-notch professionals. I wouldn’t trade the V.A. health care I’ve received here for any other.

So while the V.A. obviously has some problems in certain locations, it is also providing outstanding support to millions of veterans. We shouldn’t let the troubles of the few diminish the hard work and competence of the many.

Orchard Tree Lane

Traffic cameras dehumanizing
I have a complaint not so much about the City of Toledo’s traffic-control cameras, but the procedures followed when an apparent violation occurs (“Bill to regulate traffic cameras’ use put on hold; Ohio Supreme Court to hear case debating system’s merit,” June 6).

I was mailed a citation in late November for a Nov. 7, 2013, offense, to which I responded on Dec. 13, 2013, with a letter contesting the charge, which was $120. I received no response until May 8, 2014, when I got a letter that said I owed $145, including a $25 late fee. I paid the $120, but I still contested the validity of the charge.

On May 23, 2014, I received notice of a threat of civil action for failure to pay the full fine. The city’s reply came six months after the occurrence, and I am incurring penalties for the city’s failure to respond to my request for additional information.

I realize that $25 is no big deal, but there was no response to my appeal, then a fee, and now threats of civil actions for something that happened six months ago.

Has the traffic camera taken out all personal contact?

Penn Road


Wipers wiping? Lights must be on
Ohio law says that if a vehicle’s windshield wipers are operating when it’s raining, the headlights must be on. Yet I notice many drivers who don’t have their lights on when it’s raining.