Toxic chemical reform will aid Ohio


As head of a specialty chemical company that employs about 1,200 Ohioans, I agree that the decades-old law that regulates the chemical industry — the Toxic Substances Control Act — needs reform (“Toxic shock,” editorial, June 12).

A stronger, smarter toxic substances act will give consumers greater confidence in the safety of chemicals in the products they use every day, and provide the clear regulatory framework that Ohio businesses need to grow and compete.

Fortunately, we have a historic opportunity to achieve meaningful improvements to the toxic substances act through the Chemicals in Commerce Act in the U.S. House of Representatives.

The bill has been drafted with input from a variety of experts and stakeholders. It grants the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency greater ability to collect information and make safety determinations. It also provides a path to test the safety of chemicals that were not included for testing when the act took effect in 1976.

The bill creates a clear, strong national chemical regulatory system that will allow companies like mine to plan for the future. This legislation will bring the act into the 21st century.


Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer Momentive Performance Materials Holdings, LLC Columbus