Catholic group disappointed


We are disappointed that The Blade hired Mr. Nugent as an entertainer for this year’s Rib-Off. We stand in solidarity with the NAACP, the Toledo Community Coalition, and the Greater Toledo & NW Ohio Compassionate Community in opposition to this action.

Our Catholic social teachings speak strongly for the rights and dignity of the human person. We do not disagree with Mr. Nugent’s right to speak. But given his increasingly inflammatory, racist remarks, we do not believe that The Blade should have sponsored his appearance in our community.

We encourage all who share our values and oppose racism to avoid Mr. Nugent’s appearance.


Toledo Chapter

Association of U.S. Catholic Priests

Editor’s note: The letter was signed by seven other members of the association’s social justice subcommittee.


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Nugent’s lack of civility deplored

The MultiFaith Council of Northwest Ohio and Erase the Hate are proponents of civil discourse. We uphold the right of free speech and free opinion as critical to our democratic process.

But we deplore the use of racist, vulgar, and derogatory epithets to express disagreement. Mr. Nugent’s use of such despicable language goes well beyond a momentary lapse of judgment.

He has repeatedly and egregiously used offensive language against the President, Hillary Clinton, former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm, animal rights activists, and gun-control proponents. He has a right to his opinion; it is his lack of civility that we deplore.

I hope that thinking members of our community will exercise a vote with their wallets and choose not to attend the performance of Mr. Nugent on Aug. 8 in favor of the many more wholesome activities available that weekend.

And I urge The Blade to set a better example for our young people by promoting a higher standard of civil discourse and entertainment.


Gunckel Boulevard

Editor’s note: The writer is chairman of Greater Toledo & NW Ohio Compassionate Community and past chairman of Erase the Hate.

Promoting rocker a baffling choice

Mr. Nugent publicly referred to the President of the United States as a “chimpanzee” and a “subhuman mongrel.”

I grew up in the 1950s, and I remember that kind of rhetoric from segregationists. I remember that black, brown, and white Americans were murdered by people who subscribed to the misguided and erroneous notion that those with light-colored skin were a superior form of life compared with darker-skinned persons.

How The Blade can justify sponsoring Mr. Nugent at a community event is baffling to me. This is supposed to be a compassionate community, with “Dialogue to Change” striving to ensure respectful treatment for all Toledoans.

Where does The Blade stand on social justice in Toledo? Since you support the compassionate community and “Dialogue to Change,” how can you promote Ted Nugent?


West Central Avenue