Nugent at Rib-Off is wrong for Toledo


The Toledo branch of the NAACP and the Toledo Community Coalition are distressed over The Blade’s sponsorship of the Ted Nugent concert next month at the Northwest Ohio Rib-Off at the Lucas County Fairgrounds.

Given The Blade’s historic concern for the greater Toledo community, including its repeated positive and hopeful editorials about our city and its citizens, we find its invitation to Mr. Nugent to be unfortunate and of concern to all who are working to end racism in our area.

In April, Toledo City Council declared our city a compassionate city, making us part of an international movement to show compassion in all we do as citizens and as a city. The Blade has co-sponsored three forums on combating racism in our city, and has worked diligently with the Toledo Community Coalition in advancing the “Dialogue to Change” groups.

Bringing Mr. Nugent — a racist, homophobe, Islamaphobe, and generally disrespectful man — to our city for an event is not in the best interests of our community, or in line with The Blade’s reputation. We understand that tickets have been sold and that contracts have been signed, making it impossible at this point to cancel his appearance.

But we hope that in the future, The Blade will better consider whom it invites to community events. Let’s covenant together to assure the citizens of the Toledo area that we will carefully choose performers who have compassion and community in mind, instead of hatred and bigotry.


President, Toledo Branch NAACP


Chairman Toledo Community Coalition