Pill hysteria hurts those in need


Vicodin and Percocet hysteria is hurting people (“Let’s fight this epidemic without heroin hysteria,” op-ed column, July 13). I have a debilitating disease. My quality of life is tied to my medication.

My doctor of 35 years recently retired. He prescribed Vicodin and Percocet for me since I was diagnosed with my illness in 2004. I was taking a maximum of three Vicodins a day. If the pain was severe, I took Percocet instead of Vicodin.

The medication helped tremendously. I was freed from being housebound. But my new doctor said I was taking too much medicine, so she cut my amount.

I am sure the people who advocate banning Vicodin and Percocet never have needed pain therapy. Those of us who know better are suffering because of those who know nothing.


Millbury, Ohio


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Dubious-dad story lauded

My compliments to The Blade on your July 16 article about the child endangerment situation involving an allegedly drunken recreational-vehicle driver and his five children (“Dad arrested on 5 counts of endangering children,” July 16). Kudos to Lucas County Sheriff’s Deputies Frank Reidy and Chris Archer for their handling of this unusual situation.

The deputies went beyond the call of duty by providing funds, together with their colleagues Scott Rhodus and Sgt. Ephron Linzy, for the five children to have snacks while attending a previously arranged Mud Hens baseball game, and then reuniting them safely with their grandparents after the game.

And a huge pat on the back to the mature 14-year-old who talked his erratically driving father into pulling the RV to the side of the road and turning over the keys, eliminating possible danger to the children and others.



Eateries’ tablets take away jobs

Your July 5 article “Table-side tablets seem to fit the bill at eateries” disturbed me. What effect will these tablet computers that one can order from, pay the tab on, and entertain children on have on jobs?

Waiters and waitresses will lose jobs. This happened with self-serve gasoline stations.

We are losing the service industry in this country because of corporate greed. I hope that in the future, we will have enough people working who can buy gas and groceries and afford to go out to dinner.



Where would hiring ban stop?

Toledo Mayor D. Michael Collins proposes not hiring anyone who uses tobacco (“Smokeless,” editorial, July 2). Why not include anyone who overeats, or drinks alcohol, or uses foul language, or abuses kids and a spouse? Mayor Collins forgets this is a free country.