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Letters to the Editor


Democrats not always for women

Your July 20 editorial “Gender-specific politics” was written with the questionable premise that Democrats have historically supported women’s rights. To The Blade’s credit, the editorial acknowledged that women’s issues encompass much more than abortion. Yet in editorial after editorial, you promote abortion.

Rightly, the editorial mentions the need for Ohio to reduce its staggering infant mortality rate. But what about the children who are dying in the womb?

Your editorial states that Ohio Right to Life is “bullying” state government, but what is more representative of a bully than advocating force to be used against an unborn child? Ohio Right to Life is against this abuse of power, and working to ensure that no one’s right to life is denied.

As a pro-life independent, I am guided by female suffragists such as Susan B. Anthony and Victoria Woodhull. They passionately opposed abortion.

If Ohio Democratic gubernatorial nominee Ed FitzGerald thinks he will win my vote by promoting abortion, regardless of any of his other policy positions, he is sorely mistaken.


Public Relations Manager

Ohio Right to Life



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Don’t rip Russia; we supply Israel

The American public feels disgust, outrage, and helplessness after a plane filled with innocent passengers was shot down by a sophisticated Russian-made missile (“Crash site probe held back amid fighting,” July 29). We rightly blame Russia for supplying this kind of advanced military weapon to rebels fighting in Ukraine. The plane may have been shot down by mistake, but that does not excuse the crime.

In the Middle East, we watch as Israeli militants shoot rockets into civilian neighborhoods, while Hamas terrorists return fire into Israel. We don’t seem to see or care that the tanks that are leveling the houses of Palestinian civilians are made in Ohio. The F-16 jets that are causing so much “collateral damage” among the elderly, women, and children are made in America.

Israel could not demolish neighborhoods and kill innocent children if we did not supply the weapons that make it possible.


Temperance, Mich.

World silent on Mideast violence

Israel’s military might is again on display (“Israeli leader warns of long war in Gaza; Deadly attack near play area renews violence,” July 29). The world is watching the genocide of innocent Palestinians, even though Israel has failed to produce evidence that three kidnapped Israeli teenagers who were found dead were killed by Hamas.

Israel has come to symbolize oppression and terrorism. The United States’ silence reeks of collusion. Where is the response from the rest of the world?



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