Mideast violence sad for both sides


Thank you for publishing the July 25 guest editorial “Hamas’ depraved strategy.” It accurately depicted the situation of the Hamas terror tunnels and the continuing salvos of missiles aimed at Israel.

Unfortunately for the people of Gaza, there will be no peace while terrorists attempt to infiltrate Israel in an effort to kill or kidnap its citizens and soldiers. There will be no peace while tunnels conceal rockets to shoot indiscriminately at Israeli cities.

And there will be no peace when Hamas hides tunnels below hospitals, stores missiles in schools, and continues to call for the elimination of the state of Israel. The tunnels Hamas built lead nowhere but to ruin for the Palestinian people, and a life in fear for the citizens of Israel.

May the day come soon when Israelis and Palestinians can live in peace with each other, without the burden placed upon both peoples by terrorist organizations such as Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon.


President Jewish Federation of Greater Toledo Sylvania Township