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Sick of blight? Don’t gripe; act

Instead of making signs and organizing a protest march, why didn’t the people of One Village Council gather rakes, shovels, and mowers and organize a work day (“One Village adds many voices to blight fight,” July 27)? If people want their neighborhood to look nice, it’s up to them to keep it that way. It’s not entirely up to the city.

The house next to mine has been vacant several times, but you never would have known it. The neighbors kept the grass cut and the bushes trimmed.

I wish people would stop complaining and take action. It’s up to everyone to keep neighborhoods nice.


Amesbury Road


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Please, no more Nugent invitations

In his July 27 Readers’ Forum letter, “Sorry for the Ted Nugent invitation,” Allan Block, chairman of Block Communications Inc., said: “Mr. Nugent has appeared twice in Toledo in recent years without causing controversy.” Two years ago, when Mr. Nugent was hired to perform at the Northwest Ohio Rib-Off, I called Blade corporate offices twice to complain that his appearance was inappropriate.

I protested Mr. Nugent’s invitation to Toledo. I was told that a contract with Mr. Nugent would be hard to break, but that there had been sufficient negative feedback that in all probability he would not be returning. He has since been invited back to Toledo twice.

Perhaps Mr. Block was unaware of the opposition of many respected individuals and organizations, as recent letters to the editor attest. If so, he should have been informed.

Joseph H. Zerbey IV, the president and general manager of The Blade, and Mr. Block have done an outstanding job of promoting Toledo, this region, and many events over the past decade. But the repeat invitations to an entertainer who denigrates this nation and its leaders, and minimizes the gun violence that has cost so many American families their children in recent years, are simply wrong.

Please, never again, I respectfully ask.


Townley Road

Editor’s note: The writer is a former mayor of Toledo.


Nugent’s a rocker, so let him rock

Why are people still against Mr. Nugent coming here to perform at the Rib-Off? He is a rock star coming here to sing, not talk politics. Why is he chastised for saying what he thinks?

Why do we have to bow to the minority of people who think that what they say is the truth? They have their right to speak, just as Mr. Nugent does.


Oakdale Avenue


What do some say about Bush?

I wonder what words the people who don’t care for Mr. Nugent use behind closed doors when former President George W. Bush is mentioned.

Remember, for years Mr. Nugent has been the “Motor City Madman.”


Elm Street

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