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Letters to the Editor


Collins failed city on water

Every Toledo resident who works and pays taxes in the city, and every community that buys Toledo’s water, has witnessed a dereliction of duty by Mayor D. Michael Collins.

For years as a city councilman, and now as mayor, Mr. Collins has been made aware of the serious problems with our water system. You reported that after he received a letter from the Ohio EPA, Mayor Collins failed to share it with City Council.

If he had worked with the council and state agencies to develop a contingency plan, the water crisis might have been avoided.




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Crises best fixed on regional scale

Any discussion about the creation of a regional water authority is an exercise in putting the horse before the cart (“Webb seeks city funds for regional water study; Toledo council to weigh $175,000 request,” Aug. 13).

The discussion should be about formation of a regional government that would work together during crises to save time, energy, and money, rather than the current piecemeal approach.

A water authority would be an obvious branch of any regional government structure.


Pemberton Drive

Rib-Off was far too expensive

This year’s Northwest Ohio Rib-Off was a ripoff. I have attended the Rib-Off for years, but this year I walked in and walked right back out. I could not believe the ridiculous prices for ribs — $8 for a sample plate and $25 for a full slab.

Can you imagine what it would cost to feed a family at the Rib-Off? If the prices don’t go down, I will not return, and many others will find it unaffordable too.



Standards need teachers’ input

As a teacher for more than 20 years, I read your Aug. 11 editorial “Keep Common Core” with interest. I agreed with much of it. The Common Core concept certainly has been politicized.

You state that Common Core is not a Washington program, but was initiated by the bipartisan National Governors Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers, and was endorsed by private employers nationwide.

How many of those governors, state school officers, or business owners have taught school within the past year, five years, or 10 years? I am certain the answer is very few.

Those individuals are setting policy without knowing what really goes on inside a classroom. How many teachers were asked what they thought of the standards? Again, I suspect it was very few.

For Common Core to succeed, teachers who do the job every day need to be involved in the process.



U.S. responsible for breaking Iraq

The newest mess in Iraq reminds me of how former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell tried to warn President George W. Bush of potential long-lasting implications.

According to Plan of Attack, a book published in 2004 by journalist Bob Woodward, Mr. Powell shared with President Bush his cautious rule of war: “If you break it, you own it.”

It’s so easy to get into war, and so hard to get out.


River Road

Abortion clinic a risky business

Your Aug. 2 editorial “Appealing for rights” lamented the fact that Capital Care Network, an abortion clinic, may have to leave the Toledo area because no hospital within 50 miles will agree to a transfer agreement.

Is it because these hospitals are pro-life? Is it because they don’t like poor women?

The answer is simple: Businesses often avoid such high-risk endeavors.


Harvest Lane

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