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9/11 analogy from mayor disappoints

I have supported Toledo Mayor D. Michael Collins throughout the water debacle, but I am now seriously questioning his capacity to think (“Mayor says water crisis is similar to 9/​11; Both were wake-up calls, led to second-guessing,” Aug. 19).

The algae blooms in Lake Erie could have been prevented had our officials taken action years ago. And it’s possible that 9/​11 could have been prevented too.

But I don’t think the mayor can make a valid comparison between being inconvenienced for three or four days and the loss of nearly 3,000 lives.


Adella Street


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Don’t oversell water crisis

Mayor Collins should be careful not to oversell the magnitude of Toledo’s water crisis. Comparing a few days of inconvenience to 9/​11 makes him look foolish.

Mayor Collins could have said the water crisis served as a wake-up call and led to second-guessing without lapsing into hyperbole.


Jamieson Avenue

9/​11 a mainstay for tricky pols

Why do politicians refer to 9/​11 when they want to pull a fast one?

Just as former President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney used 9/​11 to justify the invasion of Iraq, Mayor Collins is using the same cry to cover up the neglect that led to Toledo’s water crisis.


Courville Avenue

State must solve algae problem

Gov. John Kasich did not cause the algae blooms in Lake Erie, but he and the General Assembly have the power to fix the problem. But they must have the welfare of the public at heart, and not that of their corporate sponsors.


310th Street

Energy gouging worse than water

I chuckled when I read your Aug. 14 article “Stores asked to explain water prices in city crisis.”

Though it was wrong to raise prices on bottled water, it is also wrong to raise prices at the gas pump whenever oil companies want a bigger profit.

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine needs to focus on regulating oil, gas, and electric companies. Republicans argue that regulations hurt businesses, but higher prices occur when the fox guards the henhouse.


Risingsun, Ohio

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