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To the editor: Face the reality of lake impairment


A satellite photo of Lake Erie algae taken on Sept. 26, 2017.


Lake Erie’s initial label of unimpaired was not only shocking, but disappointing, and seeing the EPA step up and admit its mistake is refreshing (Jan. 17, “Federal EPA reverses course on ‘voluntary’ algae reduction plan”). The Great Lakes are an important source of freshwater for many folks, and are enjoyed recreationally by countless more, and Erie desperately needs more work put into it.

Erie’s algae problem has gotten out of hand, evident in its green waters that wash up dead fish. Satellite photos of the lake look almost unreal with how bright and vivid the green algae is. Ohio has had problems with waterways in the past, like the Cuyahoga that sparked political action in the form of legislation. Once again it is tragedy that will bring about change, but it is much-needed and must be a group effort to protect this valuable freshwater source. Facing the reality of Erie’s impairment is a step that must be taken so we can start down the path of recovery.

Columbus, Ohio

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Right to life for all citizens

On Jan. 20, I read with interest that President Trump fights for the right to life (“Trump vows to defend right to life”). However, I must point out that “the right to life” must be more than legislating against abortion. We must remember that “life” is more than a fetus growing in a womb. That child must be protected, once birthed, against hunger, poverty, lack of adequate (affordable) health care, and many other elements and requirements that are part of and essential to the “right to life.”

Yes, please, Mr. President: champion the “right to life” — but for all who “arrive” into America by birth or desire to immigrate for just such a life that a privileged minority enjoy, and retain control over.

Marblehead, Ohio

Toledo politicians play musical chairs

The musical chairs charade of the local Democratic Party is comical, particularly when it comes to the search for a new treasurer.

Are there no prerequisite skills required for the position of treasurer except for party affiliation? You’d think they’d throw Toledoans a bone and pretend that qualifications were a minor objective.

This game serves party longevity at the expense of new blood and new ideas, and it is an affront to every qualified person in Toledo government.

To be clear, both parties play this game, and the low approval ratings of our city’s politics reflect it.

If they worked as hard at solving current issues as they do at perpetuating control, the taxpayers would be served, for once.


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