To the editor: Mr. Trump, stand up for steel


President Trump promised to shore up the American steel industry. Last year he announced a “Section 232” investigation — a trade rule that allows him to investigate whether imports are a threat to national security. If so, he can put up import quotas or tariffs.

There’s a good case for them regarding steel imports. Steel is cheap around the world because the world’s biggest steel industry, in China, is mostly state-owned. The government pays the bills, won’t turn the mills off whether or not there’s demand for it, and that means American steelworkers are competing with a foreign government that’s driving prices down.

There are plenty of steelworkers in Ohio, and the steel companies here pay their own bills. If American steel goes out of business, the steel that goes into our infrastructure and military will be imported. And if you think that’s no problem, then I have a bridge to sell you.

I hope President Trump sticks to his campaign pledges to stand up for steel. Workers are watching.


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Is mental health a smoke screen?

Most of us are familiar with the annual set of questions asked by a physician. Some of these questions have to do with your mental condition, feelings of hopelessness, and other such concerns. These question are “required,” we are told, and your answers are noted in your file.

Now consider how many of our children are diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or have any one of the thousands of other mental health labels noted in their school and medical files.

So now we are being lead to believe that everyone with a mental health issue, no matter how small, is a potential shooter and must be disarmed or denied a firearm? If they disarm all those who have documented mental health issues and take medication for them, couldn’t this serve as a way to disarm citizens without actually having to repeal the Second Amendment?


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