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To the editor: Trump's overlooked successes


President Donald Trump walks to board Air Force One at Los Angeles International airport.


To the dismay of Democrats and their liberal media lap-dogs, President Trump has reached a new plateau in his presidency with a job approval rating of between 48 and 50 percent, according to a recent Rasmussen Poll of likely voters. These numbers fly in the face of a months long, fruitless investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, with no evidence of Russian collusion, obstruction of justice, or illegal campaign activities by the president, his family, or members of his administration, past or present.

This rating can be attributed to his ability to change the direction of government from President Obama’s eight years of crippling, big government to his own constitutional, conservative agenda of less government, with an adaptability, flexibility, and willingness to meet the needs of all Americans. He also secured a massive tax cut, eliminated the mandate on buying health insurance, and vastly reduced the number of government regulations on business, all of which are responsible for the unfettered economic growth we are experiencing,

President Trump is a tireless, hard working businessman-turned-politician, whose unconventional ideas and vision for the country won over the “forgotten Americans.” I couldn’t be prouder of this president, a true patriot, who has endured the slings and arrows of the press, the Democrats, and the “never Trumpers.” And through it all, he marches on to fulfill his promise to “Make America Great Again”!


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Teaching is leadership

Since when does The Blade’s headline writers equate leadership with receiving a promotion? (March 12, “Program promotes teachers to lead”). Teachers in Toledo Public schools are already in a leadership position.

Those who move into an administrative role are going to a pencil-pushing job. Why does The Blade consider leaving teaching children a “promotion”?


A fraudulent cloak of valor

A fraud is defined as a person who is not what he or she pretends to be. President Trump has scheduled a military parade where he will be surrounded by veterans.

Anyone who cloaks himself in the honor, sacrifice, and bravery of our military after having used five deferments to avoid military service in Vietnam is a fraud.

Bryan, Ohio

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