Cheap Eats: Beautifully prepared foods at frugal prices at Koreana Asian Grill and Sushi

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    Koreana's tuna roll.

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  • A sophisticated restaurant that offers beautifully prepared food might not be your first guess for a place to seek out frugal finds. But Koreana Asian Grill and Sushi has a number of options to choose from that cost less than $5 per person.

    Among the appetizers, the battered Zucchini Jeon costs only $3.99, and a shareable snack of edamame – soy beans served in the pod, popped open at the table to find a prize inside – are $4.49. A bowl of miso soup costs a mere $1.99. 

    Sushi, soup, and other treats to sample can be found at Koreana Asian Grill and Sushi.

    Fans of sushi will find an assortment of enticements. Many of the two-piece nigiri offerings fall within our budget constraints: crabstick, salmon, squid, tamago, tofu skin, and white fish.

    The beautiful coral-colored shrimp ebi costs $4.95, as does the California roll filled with avocado, cucumber, and crab. Another choice is the shiitake asparagus roll for only $3.95.

    Koreana offers not only a lovely setting, but also some delicious deals.

    Koreana Asian Grill and Sushi, 1423 Bernath Pkwy., 419-867-8080,