End Zone: UM Wolverines: 10-03

Whatever mistakes Michigan has made, they're likely correctable


  • Devin Gardner made an admission Wednesday. Whatever criticism has been sent his way during the last three weeks, it's deserved.

    Finally, someone says something original and truthful. That's the kind of candor the Wolverines need right now. Honesty counts for a lot, because whatever criticism this 4-0 team has drawn, it's warranted. With the Big Ten schedule beginning Saturday, whatever mistakes Michigan has made, they're likely correctable.

    Not reversible, but correctable.

    However, I was asked an asinine question this week: Are there any rumblings of Brady Hoke getting fired?

    Sorry, but this isn't Connecticut or Southern California. This isn't even Michigan, circa 2010. Even without a Big Ten championship, Hoke's track record in three seasons doesn't ring for anything near a termination.

    You don't change coaches with relative success. Doing that now would be akin to a knee-jerk response, even with shortcomings and near-upsets.

    Instead of a major overhaul, tinker with the smaller parts. Shake up the personnel. Cut down on turnovers and curtail mistakes. They're all fixes, but what would quell the criticism directed toward the Wolverines?

    Don't just win. Win impeccably.

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