Mich. says it will not address details of player's rape allegations

Brendan Gibbons
Brendan Gibbons

ANN ARBOR - The University of Michigan said in a statement tonight that it will not address any details regarding an investigation into an alleged sexual assault that occurred in 2009 and reportedly involved a former football player.

Brendan Gibbons, a kicker on the football team, was reportedly expelled from Michigan last month for violating the university's sexual misconduct policy, nearly four years after the incident.

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"Questions have been raised about the University of Michigan’s response to allegations of sexual misconduct in 2009," the statement read. "Those allegations were handled in accordance with the university policy in effect at the time.

"The university now adheres to the institution's policy on sexual misconduct by students, which was adopted in 2013. The Office for Institutional Equity is the designated university office for conducting investigations into allegations of sexual misconduct involving students. In implementing university policy, OIE treats all students equally and conducts fair and impartial investigations.

"Our current process allows that, if new information is obtained at a later point, the university could commence an investigation at that time.

"In accordance with the university’s policy of not disclosing details about student disciplinary actions, we will not release the results of any investigation. The university does produce and publish annual reports on aggregate student disciplinary sanctions through the Office of Student Conflict Resolution."