Thursday Quiz: March 13th, 2013


1. How many calamity school days does Ohio have, now that state lawmakers voted to add four more calamity school days?


2. What uncontrollable factor is key to gathering sap for real maple syrup?


3. How many Honor Flights have veterans taken courtesy of the Honor Flight Northwest Ohio group?


4. Which is the most affordable city in which to live in the United States, according to Forbes magazine?


5. Where does Toledo fall on the list of most affordable cities in which to live?


6. What is the problem with GM cars that is causing a huge recall?


7. What two things is General Motors offering to owners of the recalled vehicles?


8. Who is the University of Toledo’s women’s basketball coach?


9. Which women’s college basketball player in a Sports photograph by Lori King exemplifies “Keep your eyes on the ball!”



10. What Irish saint has a feast day that many people celebrate?




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