Thursday, January 29, 2015
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Now on death row, Fort Hood gunman Hasan to appear in court
FORT LEAVENWORTH, Kansas (AP) -- An Army psychiatrist who killed 13 people in a shooting rampage at a Texas Army base is set to appear in court.... 1/29/2015 3:10 PM

Chief: Officers told teens to get out of car before shooting
DENVER (AP) -- Denver's police chief says two officers told a group of teenagers to get out of a stolen car before opening fire and killing the 17-year-old girl behind the wheel.... 1/29/2015 4:40 PM

Jury hearing Aaron Hernandez murder trial is sworn in
FALL RIVER, Mass. (AP) -- A judge has sworn in the jury hearing the murder trial of former New England Patriots player Aaron Hernandez.... 1/29/2015 4:47 PM

Top US colleges push for more diverse students from China
NEW HAVEN, Conn. (AP) -- Yupei Guo does not fit the mold of the traditional Ivy League student from China: Her journalist parents are neither rich nor members of the governing elite.... 1/29/2015 5:03 AM

Dartmouth president announce safety, inclusion plans
HANOVER, N.H. (AP) -- Dartmouth College students are prohibited from drinking hard alcohol on campus and required to learn about sexual violence prevention each year under reforms announced Thursday by the school's president.... 1/29/2015 2:41 PM

Squatters slow Detroit's plan to bulldoze way to prosperity
DETROIT (AP) -- Chris Mathews' crew showed up this month to demolish one of the thousands of vacant homes destined for demolition as part of Detroit's grand plan to bulldoze its way to prosperity when a call from his office stopped them in their tracks: Someone was living there.... 1/29/2015 4:35 PM

NYC mayor's vibrant deaf interpreter creates his own storm
NEW YORK (AP) -- They were hanging on his every word - and gesture, body movement, and definitely the facial expressions.... 1/29/2015 11:00 AM

Fugitive treasure hunter to appear in Florida federal court
WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) -- A treasure hunter locked in a legal battle over one of the greatest undersea hauls in American history was scheduled to appear in federal court Thursday after two years on the run.... 1/29/2015 12:26 PM

Balloon crew draws closer to North America
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) -- The pilots of a helium-filled balloon on a daring flight across the Pacific Ocean drew closer to North America as they attempt to break two world records.... 1/29/2015 8:43 AM

Charles Townes, who helped invent now-ubiquitous laser, dies
BERKELEY, Calif. (AP) -- Charles H. Townes' inspiration for the predecessor of the laser came to him while sitting on a park bench, waiting for a restaurant to open for breakfast.... 1/29/2015 2:06 PM

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