Utah man accused of running speakeasy from garage

Pleads not guilty to illegal business charge


SANDY, Utah  — A Utah man faces charges after police say he ran a speakeasy out of his garage and sold drinks to an undercover officer.

The Salt Lake Tribune reports 33-year-old Jared Williams of Sandy has pleaded not guilty to the misdemeanor charge of running a business without a license.

Records show a resident told police in May about the so-called “Dog Bar,” named for a bulldog painted on the garage door.

Police say they sent an undercover officer to the home in June, and found about 10 people there.

The man behind the counter identified himself as Jared and reportedly told the officer he had started the bar with his father in 2006.

Sandy police say they later returned and seized 106 bottles of liquor, 77 cans of beer and a cash register.