Ohio State overwhelming favorite to win Big Ten in preseason newspaper poll


Ohio State is the near-unanimous choice to win the Big Ten title in the league's preseason newspaper poll.

The Buckeyes were picked to win the Leaders Division by all 26 voters and projected by all but one writer to win the conference championship game. The lone dissenting vote went to Michigan, which was the favorite to capture the Legends Division.

Michigan and Nebraska both received 14 first-place votes, with the Wolverines getting the slight edge overall. UM had 135.5 points and Nebraska finished with 132.5.

The third annual Big Ten newspaper poll reached out to two beat reporters per team and two writers who cover the league. The poll, which is organized by the Plain Dealer and includes The Blade, was organized before the 2011 season after coaches requested the Big Ten do away with its traditional preseason voting.

Leaders Division

1. Ohio State 155.5 points (26 first-place votes)

2. Wisconsin 128 (1)

3. Penn State 104

4. Indiana 74.5

5. Purdue 52.5

6. Illinois 31.5

Legends Division

1. Michigan 135.5 (14)

2. Nebraska 132.5 (14)

3. Michigan State 101.5 (4)

4. Northwestern 95.5

5. Iowa 43

6. Minnesota 38

Big Ten Championship game picks

Ohio State over Nebraska (12)

Ohio State over Michigan (11)

Ohio State over Michigan State (2)

Michigan over Ohio State (1)