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Feedback: Aug. 17 column

Below are excerpts of e-mail responses to the Aug. 17 “Twin Pack” questions (an abbreviated version of “Half a Six Pack” and “Six Pack to Go”). Each question has five responses from readers. (Sorry, but Russ serves as the “gatekeeper” — he determines the five answers to accompany each question.) In order to make this a reader-friendly feature, some lengthy answers submitted by readers may have been shortened.

1) In light of Thursday's massive power outage, which paralyzed the affected areas, shouldn't Toledo adopt a “whatever it takes” attitude about fixing its water-main system, which is a regional catastrophe waiting to happen?

  • We should upgrade the system before it's too late. But who is going to pay for it? Certainly not the voting public.

  • Toledo better do something about its water-main system. It is horrible. But this is the kind of feet-dragging we get in the Ford administration.

  • It's already a daily occurrence, especially in the old neighborhoods and in the freezing months.

  • Probably don't have enough money. Governments never do, do they?

  • Absolutely. But don't expect the good old boys to indulge in such foresight or second thoughts. They are not capable of it. If they were, we wouldn't be in the water-system deterioration fix that we are now in.

    2) Inspired by a joke from HBO's Bill Maher: Between trying to impeach Bill Clinton, Florida in 2000, and the recall in California, doesn't it seem that Republicans will do anything to win an election — except get the most votes?

  • If at first you don't succeed (in the election), try, try again.

  • Those evil Republicans have the audacity to follow the law. I know your Communist-inspired propaganda would not find democracy and the rule of law acceptable.

  • Absolutely. It's reflective of a party that has no platform other than making sure the rich get richer.

  • I wouldn't even think to listen to any of Maher's rhetoric. Perhaps this explains why Ann Coulter's book about liberals is so popular. Maher is a joke, and I don't think you are funny either!

  • Amazing, isn't it? I love California politics. Actors, porn stars, near-midgets, high-brows and low-brows of all types. Hey, bring ‘em on. Glad I'm a registered Democrat!

  • This column was right on target. The problem is even deeper. The large discount employers, like Wal-Mart, open but other retail/supermarkets close. I call this job trading, not job creation. Furthermore, the new jobs are mostly lower paying, disproportionately part-time, and with limited or no benefits; while the lost jobs (Food Town is a good example) were better paying, more full-time, with full or nearly full benefits. … It's a frightening trend.

  • Great column and well said. This must be the big “accomplishments” of the Ford administration. I personally can't wait until Carty runs again and mops him up. This man has done nothing for this city. He also uses strong-arm tactics to stop urban sprawl to the western side of the county. I'm all against sprawl, like I stated with the Maumee mall project, but don't cut off people's water supply. Everyone gets hurt.

  • No wonder grocery stores are failing. Everyone is eating out.

  • Your comments about economic development are accurate and hurtful. We are not going to become the Silicon Valley of the East. Let's concentrate on what we do best in the field in the automotive and glass.

  • It IS a sad commentary that a fast-food job is considered economic progress. … What, if anything, is being done to strengthen Toledo's economy? I'm afraid that area is caught between a rock and a hard place. The old factory/union jobs are going south, and tech jobs are going to India.

  • A $500,000 skate park? Come on! Why not distribute that money to the Toledoans who have had to go see their dentist after driving on some of Toledo's worst streets.

  • Did you see that a consultant is coming in to make recommendations on revamping the Erie Street Market? My first recommendation would be: Attach dynamite, light fuse. Have we no one in our area that could do the same study?

  • I hope the uni-gov article by Robin Erb generates spirited discussion and results. The concept works in Miami-Dade, Indianapolis, and elsewhere. “Metro Toledo-Lucas County” can work, but it will take a voter initiative to create it. And the voters will have to be convinced that it will save taxpayer dollars. Once “Metro” is in place and working, the next step should be to do away with the paleolithic townships.

  • I would like to thank the builders of our new Maumee River crossing and the workers on Airport Highway. Yeah, we all complain about the traffic back-ups, but you are getting the job done way ahead of schedule.

  • I wish they'd move the Jamie Farr Kroger Classic back to July. Too much going on in August, especially getting kids ready to go back to school.

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