Spotlight: The Good, The Bad, and The Blues

The Good, The Bad, and The Blues
The Good, The Bad, and The Blues

Lineup: Aayan Naim, guitar and vocals; Wayne Harris, bass and vocals; Hollywood Mike, drums and vocals; and John Cunningham, keyboards and vocals.

Influences: We are influenced by all the greats. Aayan Naim grew up in Chicago, directly across the street from Muddy Waters. Influences include all the Chicago greats, and the Motown sound. We also are huge funk, jazz, and gospel fans.

Favorite local venues: Manhattan’s is always filled with our most ardent fans. Treo in Sylvania is very intimate with great acoustics and Forrester’s on the River is great because we get to jam outside.

Any CDs or online releases: We are working on our CD, which does not have a title yet.

Upcoming gigs: Manhattan’s on Friday.