Spotlight: Buddy Boy Slim & The Blues Rockers

Buddy Boy Slim & The Blues Rockers.
Buddy Boy Slim & The Blues Rockers.

Lineup: Johnny "HiFi" Newmark, Fender bass, foot stomping; Larry "Entertainment" Gold, guitar, vocals, snappy repartee; Buddy Boy Slim, blues harp, vocals, 1,000-yard stare; and Freddy "The Glide" Glover, drums, vocals, eternal groove.

Style of Music: Blues, blues, and more blues.

Influences: Jack Daniels, Howlin' Wolf, T-Bone Walker, Little Walter, Jack Kerouac, Bela Lugosi, Slim Whitman, The Chipmunks, Frank Sinatra, Jr., Soupy Sales.

Sounds a little like: The Fabulous Thunderbirds, after a few shots and a clandestine visit to the medicine cabinet.

Favorite local venues: Manhattan's.

Any CDs: No, but if you want to give us some, we would be grateful.

Web Site:

Upcoming gigs: Oct. 11 at Toledo Country Club; Nov. 22 and Dec. 28 at Manhattan's.