Toledo man allegedly dragged officer trying to handcuff him


A Toledo man was accused yesterday of dragging a Toledo police officer about 50 feet while she was trying to handcuff him after he walked away from a traffic stop, authorities said.

Marquise Figures, 21, of 824 North Superior St. was being held in the Lucas County jail in lieu of a $75,000 bond for felonious assault on Officer Shelli Kilburn.

She was treated at Toledo Hospital after the 12:30 a.m. incident in a parking lot at 1540 Broadway, police said.

She and her partner saw the car Mr. Figures was driving run a red light at Broadway and South Avenue.

The car pulled into the parking lot, and Mr. Figures walked away. Officer Kilburn told him to stop, but he continued walking.

She then brought him back toward her patrol car.

She placed one handcuff on Mr. Figures and he took off running, dragging her with him.

Her partner, who had handcuffed the car's passenger, Allen Williams, began running toward Officer Kilburn and Mr. Figures while holding onto Mr. Williams, police said.

Police said Mr. Figures kicked Officer Kilburn in the back of the head before the two officers brought him to the ground, where he continued to kick and pull away.

The suspects also yelled obscenities and kicked the walls of their holding cells at police headquarters downtown and refused to stop, police said.

Mr. Figures also was charged with resisting arrest, obstructing official business, and several traffic offenses.

Mr. Williams, 22, of 1014 Buckingham St. pleaded no contest and was found guilty of resisting arrest. He was ordered to pay $79 in court costs. A $750 fine and 90-day jail sentence were suspended.

He was placed on active probation with drug screens for six months.

Charges of obstructing official business and drug abuse were dismissed.