Warden, police seize 17 dogs in city roundup


The Lucas County Dog Warden s Office and Toledo police seized at least 17 pit bulls, including seven puppies, during a vicious-dog roundup Wednesday.

The puppies appeared to be from a pit bull breeding operation, Dog Warden Tom Skeldon said.

The dogs seized included three from an address on Good ale Avenue and dogs being walked without muzzles on Foster Avenue and on Potomac Drive.

The roundup could result in about 30 minor misdemeanor citations and more than 40 first-degree misdemeanor citations being issued, Jessica Burkett, of the dog warden s office, said.

The dog warden will hold the dogs for owners to claim unless the dog is scarred from fighting; was in a household with more than one vicious dog, or has bitten someone. Otherwise, Mr. Skeldon said he will hold the dog and let the courts tell us what to do.