Firefighters return to scene of Thanksgiving fire in Monclova Twp. after flares



Firefighters returned tonight to the scene of a major Thanksgiving night condominium complex fire to put out some hot spots that flared again.

The complex, located at 3040 and 3050 Byrnwyck West Road in Monclova Township, burned Thursday night, destroying 24 dwellings and forcing the evacuation of residents.

Friday night, firefighters returned to the complex after flames were spotted near the top of the building. Monclova Township fire chief Kevin Bernhard said firefighters put out some hot spots in some units in the second floor. He said the new flares are “not an unusual event” after a fire of this magnitude.

“We’ve been doing fire watches out there throughout the day,” he said.

Firefighters from Monclova and Springfield townships responded Friday night. Crews were on the scene for just under two hours and gone before 10 p.m., Chief Bernhard said. No injuries were reported, and the complex was vacant.