Teen gets probation for bringing gun to school


A 15-year-old Raymer Elementary School student who brought a loaded gun to school was placed on probation today and ordered to undergo treatment at the Youth Treatment Center.

Lucas County Juvenile Court Judge Denise Cubbon told the young man, who had no prior delinquency history, that this was his “opportunity to make up for lost time” from school and to make changes in his behavior that led to him taking a gun to school.

The youth admitted to felony-level charges of conveyance of a deadly weapon in a school zone and carrying a concealed weapon for the March 22 incident. No one was hurt, but Judge Cubbon told him they could have been.

“What you did was very dangerous,” she told him. “It’s our responsibility in the court to ensure that your behavior changes – your attitudes, your values and beliefs change so this never happens again.”

The youth, who was expelled from Toledo Public Schools for the gun incident, has been held in the juvenile detention center since his arrest in March.