Detroit Avenue sinkhole 
to be repaved today


 The southbound lanes of Detroit Avenue directly south of Bancroft Street, closed since the street caved in because of a sinkhole on July 3, are to reopen by today’s end, Toledo Public Utilities Director David Welch said.

Mr. Welch said a high-density base called KCrete was placed in the hole to backfill it Tuesday after sewer and water line repairs were completed Monday. He said the KCrete would need to settle before it can be paved today. The road should reopen late today if paving goes well, he said.

Engineers recommended letting the KCrete settle for a day before paving, Mr. Welch said.

“Because we used quite a bit of it, we want to let it firm up and settle a little bit, because the worst thing we can do is pave over it right now and then it could possibly settle more and cause a dip,” he said.

Paving is to begin early today.