Thieves who took firearms sought


Toledo police were looking for more than one person who allegedly stole five firearms and a computer out of a pickup parked in a South Toledo apartment parking lot, then left the stolen property behind when the victim and others in the neighborhood tried to chase them down.

Ronald Harris of Fulton County’s Fayette told police the thieves climbed into the back of the truck Friday afternoon while it was parked at the Andover Apartments, 2555 Eastgate Rd., and pried the rear sliding window open to get to the weapons.

He and other residents in the area who saw the thieves with the stolen property chased them down and got the weapons back, but the thieves fled and later tried to sell the computer at the Family Pantry Store, according to a Toledo police report.

It was unclear how many people were involved.

St. Patrick’s of Heatherdowns School went on lockdown after school officials were notified that there were people in the area potentially with guns in their possession.

The lockdown lasted less than an hour.

Mr. Harris was going camping over the weekend and so had packed the firearms in the truck, according to the police report.