Suburban Crime Log: 9-14




Elizabeth McCullough, TV, video game, video cartridges, purse, jewelry, and DVD movies from residence in 200 block of Wilkshire.



City of Waterville, unit block of North Second, banner from Anthony Wayne Trail at South River.


Bedford Township


Zachary Brown, TV, laptop computer, and video game systems from residence in 700 block of West Dean.

Tiffany Angus, TVs, video game systems with games and remotes, tablet computer, backpack, blanket, and wallet with cash from residence in 6200 block of South Telegraph.

Beulah Horn, no items reported as stolen from residence in 300 block of Highlands.

William Kincaid, TV from residence in 200 block of Highlands.

Debra Przybylski, cash, jewelry, air pistol, iPod, and laptop computers from residence in 6200 block of South Telegraph.

Rodney Smith, TV, cell phone, and video game system with games and controllers from residence in 6500 block of South Telegraph.



David Lucht, jewelry from residence in 8200 block of Summerfield.

Scott Egtvedt, bicycle, MP3 player, and audiobook from vehicle in 8900 block of Central.

Christine McCloud, bicycle from residence in 8500 block of Cottonwood.

Erinn Calhoun, jewelry from residence in 7100 block of Brookside.

James Neorr and Apollo Fire Apparatus Repair Inc., air tanks and portable radios from fire department in 7000 block of Lewis.

Cheyenne Hernandez, cash from vehicle in 6700 block of Fortuna.

Craig Poupard, air conditioner from residence in 6500 block of Cloverlane.


Lake Township


Gerry DeLauter, Seaman, Oregon, air conditioner unit from 4300 block of Frey.




Susan Sherwin, bicycle from residence in 1100 block of Holgate.

Comfort Inn and Suites, TV from room of business in 1700 block of Tollgate.

Andrew Michaluk, Manchester, Mich., speakers, amplifier, and CD player from vehicle in 800 block of Illinois.

Randy Easterwood, prescription medication from vehicle at residence in 1000 block of Scott.




Victor Wawrzyniak, unknown person broke into residence in 1900 block of Bordeaux Rue, no loss reported.

Gregory Russell, laptop computer from residence in 100 block of Chantilly West Rue.

Gareth Jones, laptop computer, video game system, and sandals from 1900 block of Bordeaux Rue.



Diane Biletchi, license plate from vehicle at residence in 700 block of Anderson.




Margaret Egan, of Eastland, and Lori Daniels, of Brighton, Mich., cell phone, laptop computer, and purses and contents from residence in 1300 block of Eastland.



Travis Akins, cash from vehicle in 1300 block of Towers.

Gerald Corbin, change and sunglasses from vehicle in 2700 block of Luverne.

Richard Chudey, change from vehicle at residence in 2600 block of Luverne.

Nicole Badik, 1400 block of Country Farms, purse and contents from vehicle in 2900 block of Navarre.

Brad Shanks, 500 block of South Stephen, bicycle from 400 block of Bellcourt.

Marcia Machcinski, 500 block of Foxridge, prescription medication from vehicle in 3700 block of Navarre.

Angie Eggleston, lawn mower from front yard of residence in 200 block of Eastwood.




Scott Jechura, tools from vehicle in 500 block of West Sixth.

Steven Pohlman, Delaware, Perrysburg, iPad, laptop bag, and headphones from vehicle in 500 block of East South Boundary.

Jenelle Thurn, Basswood, Perrysburg, cash from vehicle in 500 block of East South Boundary.

Morgan Gnepper, Lake Meadows, Perrysburg, purse and contents from vehicle in 500 block of East South Boundary.

Kathleen Tamlyn, Deerwood, Perrysburg, purse and contents from vehicle in 500 block of East South Boundary.


Perrysburg Township


Tamra Wise, 600 block of Blue Jacket, bank card from 10000 block of Fremont Pike.

Frances Braida, 26000 block of Basswood, license plate sticker from vehicle in 26000 block of Lime City.




Stephen Bihn, Sedgefield, Perrysburg, shotgun and garage door opener from 100 block of Helen.

Spencer Township



Marilyn Carr, cash from purse at senior center in 300 block of Oak Terrace.

Christopher Schultz, gas card, range finder, and cash from residence in 100 block of Bromwich.

Dianna Mowry, riding mower from backyard in 9600 block of Frankfort.


Springfield Township


Duane Hughes, gas from garage in 500 block of South McCord.

Five Below, cash from office in 1400 block of South Holland-Sylvania.

Penney Pepper, tools and lawn maintenance equipment from shed in 800 block of South King.



Thomas Bowers, navigation system from vehicle in 6300 block of Glenhurst.

Zachary McQueen, sport utility vehicle, remote control car, drone airplane, toolbox with tools, tent, cowboy sheets, pillowcases, and purse with keys from residence in 2200 block of Longacre .

Jason Harper, bicycles from parking lot in 7100 block of Quail Lakes.

Erica McVicker, Allison McQueen, Thomas Florian, Sarah Iceman, and Jacob McVicker, purses, keys, cash, and diaper bag from vehicles in 2200 block of Longacre.

Eric Walker and Mary Walker, docking system, navigation system, and pairs of headphones from vehicle in 6600 block of Garden.


Swanton Township


Mark Janowecki, chainsaw and pack blower from barn in 4000 block of Waterville Swanton.

Matthew Shippey and Tree-Mendous Tree Service, chainsaws from garage in 1300 block of Whitehouse-Spencer.




Soft Touch Car Wash LLC, electronic cigarette, glass pipe, and cigarettes from residence in 6300 block of Monroe.

Tan Pro Inc., bottle of tanning lotion from business in 7600 block of West Sylvania.

Stacey Bates, Morenci, Mich., trailer hitch balls and wallet and contents from vehicle in 5200 block of Harroun.


Sylvania Township


Aardvark Painting Inc., Wamba, Toledo, company sign from 7300 block of Regents Park.

Antwon Gomez, 4500 block of Nantuckett, electric saw from 5800 block of Central.