Suburban Crime Log: 9-21


Bedford Township


Jane Morrin, no items reported as stolen at residence in 6700 block of Crabb.

Cherene Marckel, cash and key from church in 1500 block of Temperance.

Crystal James, cash, Blu-Ray player, TV, iPod, tablet computers, video game system with controller, and backpack from residence in 6200 block of South Telegraph.



Tyler Sonner, TV from vehicle in 6600 block of Summerfield.

Mary Snyder, lawn ornament from residence in 7300 block of Bentcreek.




Steven Auler, prescription medication from residence in 600 block of Meadow Spring.



Anastasia Johnson, cash from residence in 300 block of East William.

Jamie Halferty, cash from vehicle at residence in 1000 block of Leith.

Richard Heckman, cash from vehicle at residence in 800 block of Askin.

Donald Waggoner, Jr., Birchdale, Perrysburg, cash from vehicle in 700 block of Askin.

Michael Warms, iPod, CDs, and change from vehicle at residence in 500 block of Meadow Spring.

Ernest Wymer, change from vehicle at residence in 800 block of Pierce.

Von Excavating, Wheatfield, Ind., battery charges, batteries, power tools, and generator from vehicle in 1400 block of Reynolds.

Regis Salon, cash from business in 3000 block of Main.

C. Eugene Meyers, tablet from vehicle at residence in 1700 block of Cambridge.

Heather Shaver, cell phone from vehicle at residence in 100 block of Chesterfield.




South of the Border Metal Traders, St. Marys, Ga., tools and copper wire from 3700 block of Williston.




Chelsea Middaugh and Zachary Judy, tool box, tools, and assorted games from residence in 100 block of North Goodyear.

Sharita Murphy, unknown person broke into residence in 3100 block of Navarre, loss undetermined.

Terry Patchen, coin purse from garage of residence in 5100 block of Nadir.



Emily Vaughn, GPS unit, camera, and other items from vehicle at residence in 1400 block of Forrester.

Dion Smikolajczyk, auto from residence in 2600 block of Navarre.

Precision Auto Sales, rear license plate from vehicle in 2800 block of Navarre.

Meridian Rook, 400 block of Mountainbrook, bicycle from 2600 block of Navarre.

Dustin Bolton, two tires and rims from vehicle in 300 block of Van Buren.

Dawn Ellis, video game, video cartridges, and bicycle from residence in 1100 block of Mambrino; video game and video cartridges later recovered.

Rita Clark, bird bath from yard of residence in 500 block of South Fargo.

Karen Owen, South Main, Walbridge, medication from vehicle in 3100 block of Navarre.

J. Duran Inc., 3300 block of Woodville, dealer plate from vehicle in 2200 block of Woodville.

Conley Cornett, Emerson, Toledo, cash from wallet in 1700 block of South Wheeling.

Daniel Knopp, camera from vehicle in 500 block of South Stephen.




Nathan Truman, Woodville, license plates from vehicle in 1100 block of Professional.

Kailee Jones, Seminary, Perrysburg, iPhone from 100 block of Birchcrest.

Ashley Pocisk, iPhone from residence in 100 block of Birchcrest.

Dane Reid, medication from mailbox of residence in 900 block of Findlay.


Springfield Township

Felonious assault

Jonathan Grow, assaulted in yard of residence in 8500 block of Nebraska.



Tony Capron, cash, computers, and phone charger cord from residence in 100 block of Bromwich.

Christian Toyer, Darrnell Wallace, and Faith Barnes, TV and video game systems with controllers and external hard drive from residence in 6800 block of Oakfield.

Michael Lewis, TV, video game systems, and tablet computers from residence in 7500 block of Dorr.

Tanya Dutkiewicz, TV from residence in 100 block of Longmeadow.



Scott Erdman, tools and golf bags with clubs from vehicle in 7100 block of Quail Lakes.


Sylvania Township


Daisy Krum, cash and purse from residence in 7500 block of Trotter.

Eileen Jurkiewicz, TV from residence in 6100 block of Westacre.

Michael Riley, three TVs, laptop computer, iPads, jewelry, tennis shoes, video game, and video cartridges from residence in 6400 block of Triple Crown.

David Killian, log splitter from residence in 2900 block of Gradwohl.



Laura Laporta, 5000 block of Golden, silver 1993 Buick Regal from West Central at McCord.




Carol Currier, diamond ring from residence in 5700 block of Phillips.

Sabreena Powell, 5100 block of Langham, cash from purse in 7200 block of West Sylvania.




Evelyn Grzecki, jewelry from residence in 8800 block of Browning.

Hal Shafer, iPod from residence in 8800 block of Browning.

Joy Krawetze, St. Louis, Toledo, wallet and contents from 8800 block of Browning.

John Vollmar, wallet with bank cards and driver’s license from vehicle in 5900 block of North River.


Whiteford Towhship


Amy Zurschmit, air conditioning unit from residence in 4400 block of St. Anthony.