Suburban Crime Log: 10-12


Bedford Township


Jimmie McNair, TV, DVD player, surround sound system, popcorn maker, camcorder, receiver, lawn mower, and wallet from residence in 9200 block of Douglas.

Holli Barrett, cash from residence in 7700 block of Summerfield.



Jake Heiney, medical supplies from medical facility in 7500 block of Secor.

Chase Boehmer, clothes and video game system with games from residence in 300 block of Glasgow.

Bradley Bugg, nylon bracelet from bus depot in 8400 block of Jackman.


Lake Township


Werner Enterprises, Omaha, siphoned 90 gallons of diesel fuel from vehicle in 3400 block of Libbey.

Jeff Jones, Litchfield, Ill., laptop computer from room in 3400 block of Hanley.

Melanie Krempa, cash from residence in 3600 block of Eastpointe.

Patrick McVicker, Lime City, Perrysburg, medication from purse in 6700 block of Commodore.




Courtney Southward, Indianapolis, tennis shoes and cologne from room in 100 block of Dussel.

Chelsey Ryan, TV and video game from residence in 1100 block of Richland.



William Bowers, Airport, Swanton, wallet and contents from vehicle in 2100 block of Cass.

William Zimmerman, Jerry City, Ohio, briefcase and contents from vehicle in 2100 block of Cass.

Jacqueline Pfleghaar, cash and gold coins from residence in 600 block of West Dudley.

Michael Rivette, Delanso, N.Y., generator and boxes of tie wire from vehicle in 1500 block of Reynolds.

James Worthy, Ryan, Toledo, wallet and contents from 1300 block of Reynolds.

Kelli Shead, compost barrel from outside of residence in 400 block of East Indiana.




Steven Schultz, Meadow, Genoa, cash by man who threatened him in 1700 block of South Wheeling.



Tireman, unknown person broke into business in 3700 block of Williston, no loss reported.




Taylor Gooden, cash, video game, and iPad from residence in 3100 block of Navarre.

Gateway Recycling, unknown person broke into business in 900 block of Dearborn, no loss reported.



Jonathan Chapa, of 1400 block of Pieper, and Rick Mauder, mini bike from shed of residence in 3700 block of Starr.

Julie Cox, 200 block of Eastwood, cash from purse in 900 block of Isaac Streets.

Dennis Roth, mail from mailbox at residence in 5700 block of Eagles Landing.

Richard Brink, Harbor View, Ohio, car ramps from 2100 block of Momany.

Shelley Serres, TV, jewelry, and auto from residence in 2700 block of Pickle.

Dunn Chevy Buick, 2014 truck taken from business lot in 3000 block of Dustin.

Johnny’s on the Spot, cash from business in 3200 block of Navarre.


Monclova Township


Jhered Cusumano and Shannon Cusumano, light fixtures and ceiling fans from residence in 3600 block of Boulder Ridge.




Stephen Shehan, two all-terrain vehicles and trailer from residence in 600 block of Sandusky.

Benjamin Noll, Harvest, Toledo, rims and tires from vehicle in 26000 block of North Dixie.

Donald Root, Brighton, Mich., cash from wallet in 26000 block of North Dixie.

Trevon Lockyer, keys from vehicle at residence in 25000 block of Willowbend.

Daniel Herrin, brake drums from residence in 400 block of Mulberry.


Perrysburg Township


Anthony Widney, two all-terrain vehicles from residence in 26000 block of Thompson.

John Michelson, Villa, Toledo, rock with plaque in 3000 block of Bates.

Samuel Smith, three motor bikes from residence in 10000 block of Desmond.




Chris Liebe, video game, video cartridges, personal checks, and bank card from residence in 4100 block of New Castle.

Tan Pro Inc., surveillance video and tanning lotion from business in 7600 block of West Sylvania.


Sylvania Township


Vito’s Pizza, cash from clerk by two men with guns in 5400 block of Monroe.



Joan Brown, copper tubing from 8700 block of West Central.



Bonnie Monroe, 4500 block of Commonwealth, iPhone from 5800 block of West Central.

Robert Collins, wallet and contents from vehicle in 5900 block of Pembridge.

Clair Schmidt, 3800 block of Sulphur Spring, purse and contents from 5000 block of Monroe.


Springfield Township


Michael Munger, laundry basket with clothes and video tapes from residence in 7500 block of Dorr.

Madijah Edwards and Oakwood Gardens, no items reported stolen from residence in 6800 block of Oakfield.



Kimberly Darr, jewelry and medicines from residence in 7900 block of Nebraska.

Erica Kiefer, bicycle from residence in 7400 block of Nightingale.

Willys Overland Motors Inc., wooden pallets from vehicle in 1100 block of South McCord.


Swanton Township


Claudia Menendez, suitcase with clothes and shoes from vehicle in 10700 block of Airport.


Washington Township


Richard Phillips, cash from residence in unit block of Willow Creek.