2 officers relieved of duty pending investigation

Details of decision not disclosed by authorities


Updated story.

A pair of Toledo police officers have been relieved of duty pending an investigation of a Saturday morning incident at a downtown apartment complex.

Police radio dispatches indicated a woman had fired a gun and tried to harm herself at about 1:30 a.m. Saturday at the Standart Lofts, 34 S Erie St. Multiple law enforcement sources said the incident involved officers Jada Smith and Scott Macinnis while the pair were off duty. 

Toledo police spokesman Sgt. Joe Heffernan said the Toledo Police Department’s Internal Affairs division was investigating the incident, but said he could not discuss the incident, and said the city’s contract with the Toledo Police Patrolman’s Association precludes the city from releasing the name of officers under investigation.

The Toledo Police Department confirmed on Wednesday that Officers Smith and Macinnis are the officers under investigation. The TPPA contract actually allows the department to say whether a particular officer is under investigation, though precludes the release of any other additional information until the investigation is completed.

He would not say if TPD received a report of a gun being fired at the Standart, and would not say if police are conducting a criminal investigation of the officers in addition to the internal affairs probe.

Officer Dan Wagner, TPPA president, would not confirm the names of the officers involved, but said one was being paid during the investigation, and another was not. He said he believed more information would be available later this week, adding, “We need to at least make a statement.”

“These are some serious allegations,” he said. “With our contract, I’m not able to discuss it. More than likely, there will be some charges following this.”

Despite the call of a shot fired, no report had been filed by Tuesday afternoon in the police records unit. And Standart management didn’t even know police were at their building Saturday.

Building manager Alaina James said she had received no reports of any incidents Saturday, and said she was not told police were at the building. She said police are supposed to notify building management if they are on the property.