Suburban Crime Log: 12-21


Bedford Township


David Frankhouse, cash and jewelry from residence in 9900 block of Crabb.



Jermiah Kuch, medicine from residence in 700 block of Washington.

Christina Lesniewski, gift cards from residence in 6200 block of South Telegraph.

James Matz, shotgun and cash from residence in 8100 block of Jackman.

Michael Spohn, air conditioning unit from residence in 8600 block of Lewis.

Connor Clements, amplifier and wallet with cash and driver’s license from vehicle in 2600 block of Beth Ann.


Jerusalem Township


Daniel Ricketts, bucket of brass scrap from barn in 7200 block of Corduroy.


Lake Township


Nichole Stone and Jason McMillion, TV and wallet and contents from residence in 29000 block of Tracy.

Austin Reiner and Shaunna Vandermeer, laptop computer, compound bow, and shirts from residence in 5000 block of Moline Martin.



Henkels & McCoy, Blue Bell, Pa., siphoned 80 gallons of diesel fuel from vehicle in 3400 block of Latcha.

Manjinder Sandhu, 1998 Ford F-150 pickup truck from residence in 3600 block of Lakepointe.




In & Out Mart, cash from business by known person in 900 block of Michigan.

Kathleen Liskai, Meadowview, Waterville, cell phone from 5900 block of Monclova.

First Presbyterian Church, foot pedals, microphones, and DVD player from church in 200 block of East Broadway.

Leah Witaker, diamond ring from residence in 300 block of Kingsbury.




Robert Newman, TVs and spotting scope from residence in 8800 block of Garden.



Marianne McNerney, jewelry and photographs from residence in 3600 block of Deer Creek.




Thomas Bolander, iPhone from vehicle in garage of residence in 800 block of Gould.

Walter Bunch, assorted guns, deodorant, and TV from residence in 1900 block of Sharon.



Claris Greer, prescription medication from residence in 200 block of Mason.

Nurisbel Mecias-Moll, Wakefield, Oregon, cash from wallet in 1700 block of South Wheeling.




Chris Segura, unknown person broke into residence in 400 block of South Fargon, loss undetermined.

Sarah Mead, jewelry from residence in 400 block of Sewell.

Jennifer Schacht, video game, video cartridges, and jewelry from residence in 2800 block of Oakdale.



Daniel Heimann, ladder and gutters from yard of residence in 600 block of Grasser.

Stop N Storage, unidentified person broke into business in 600 block of Earlwood, loss undetermined.

Lauren Szymanski, unidentified person broke into residence in 4600 block of Pickle, no loss reported.

Oregon Storage, electric bike from storage in 2700 block of Navarre.

AJ Automotive, auto parts from business in 600 block of Millard.

Karen Sandrock, cash from purse at residence in 3900 block of Navarre.

Evan Huber, prescriptions, jewelry, and computer from residence in 3000 block of Eastmoreland.

Timothy Koprowski, prescription medication from residence in 2800 block of Pickle.

City of Oregon, 5300 block of Seaman, gallon barrels from unit block of South Wheeling.




City of Perrysburg Fire Department, 200 block of West Indiana, recycle bin from 100 block of West Indiana.

Engel Chiropactic, laptop computer from business in 26000 block of North Dixie.

Fifth Third Bank, Louisville, dish washer, hot water tank, and light fixtures from property in 1700 block of Kettle Run.


Perrysburg Township


Kevin Gottschalk and Judith Lasits, loose change, two handguns, and diamond ring from residence in 26000 block of Edgewater.



Daniel Valencic, GPS unit and camcorder from vehicle at residence in 28000 block of Starlight.

Douglas Demory, change from vehicle at residence in 9600 block of Mandell.

Fawnda Scott, bank card from residence in 27000 block of Oregon.

Robert Schultz, Breckman, Walbridge, license plate from vehicle in 700 block of Third.




Anne Cook, cash from residence in 200 block of Birch.


Springfield Township


Northside Management, no items reported as stolen at residence in 100 block of North Favony.



Leslie Streeter, fuel cards and binder with papers from vehicle in 400 block of North Dorcas.

Matthew Urbanowicz, amplifier and speakers from vehicle in 2200 block of Perrysburg Holland.




Jill Miller, Revere, Toledo, bank card from 5800 block of West Alexis.


Sylvania Township


Chuck Anderson, aluminum wheels, power pack batteries, and assorted batteries from shed of residence in 2800 block of North Centennial.

Cory Vail, West Alexis, Sylvania, wallet and contents from 7400 block of West Central.

Jessica White, clothing and jewelry from residence in 4300 block of West Alexis.

Matthew Tabin, Baltimore, iPhone from 5900 block of West Central.

Taylor Cadillac, eight tires from vehicle parked on business lot in 6000 block of West Central.

Central Trucking, radiator and miscellaneous scrap from business in 8500 block of West Central.




Ronald Shoemaker, Delta, Ohio, bottle of liquor from 8000 block of Waterville Swanton.