City police shifting around personnel


Toledo police are shuffling personnel in the department, filling vacancies created after recent promotions.

An order that went out to the department Wednesday moves Lt. Waylond Rider from day-shift operations at the Scott Park District Station to head the property crimes section.

An order has not yet been given on where Lt. Dan Gerken, who heads property crimes, will go.

Lt. Jason Brown will move from internal affairs to planning. No order was given Wednesday as to whom would fill his role.

Sgt. Kevin Braun, who was assigned to operations, will move to support services as Deputy Chief George Kral’s assistant.

Sergeant Braun, the primary force behind the department’s ever-popular Facebook and Twitter accounts, will continue to post quirky items and information to the sites about people wanted by police, although the jobs no longer will be his main directive.

There are more positions that must be filled, including the lieutenant in the crimes-against-persons section that was most recently occupied by now-Chief William Moton, and at least three captain positions, two of which resulted from the promotions of Deputy Chief James O’Bryant and Deputy Chief Kral.

The third captain’s spot opened when Leo Eggert retired on Jan. 2 just before Mayor D. Michael Collins was sworn in to office.

The new mayor and captain, a 30-year veteran of the department, had knocked heads previously.

Mr. Eggert had, most recently, been a pilot behind the controls of the department’s helicopter.

Sgt. Joe Heffernan said at least two other employees in the department area able to fly the helicopter when needed.