Snow melt refreezing causes treacherous driving conditions


Snow melt refreezing on area streets and highways is creating treacherous driving conditions, authorities say.

The Toledo Police Department closed the northbound I-75 exit to westbound I-475 in central Toledo around 8:30 p.m. because of numerous crashes and icy conditions. Police officers reported on Twitter that they had to jump over a railing on I-75 to avoid being hit by a wayward car.

The Ottawa County Sheriff's Office issued a Level 1 winter emergency because of snowy and icy conditions on roads in the county. The advisory does not forbid travel but urges motorists to drive carefully.

Above-freezing temperatures for most of today in the Toledo area allowed snowmelt and lingering water from heavy rain Thursday to collect on pavement, particularly in areas where snow, slush or ice clogged drains.

As night fell, falling temperatures caused that moisture to freeze, first in areas near pools or puddles where it was either splashed or tracked by traffic.