Student died within seconds after plunge into Otter Creek, autopsy finds


A 20-year-old Eastern Michigan University student whose car crashed and ended up in Otter Creek died within seconds, according to an autopsy that was performed today.

Bianca Bepler drowned, said Lucas County Deputy Coroner Dr. Maneesha Pandey, who performed the autopsy.

Ms. Bepler did not suffer any other significant injuries that would have contributed to her death, Dr. Pandey said.

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Oregon police said on Sunday that Ms. Bepler apparently lost control of her vehicle at Millard Avenue and Otter Creek Road, went over an embankment, and into the icy creek.

Dr. Pandey said she did not know how long Ms. Bepler's vehicle was in the water before being spotted by a bicyclist at 10 a.m. Sunday.

Police today did not have any additional information about the crash, but said they expect more information Tuesday or Wednesday after Ohio Highway Patrol troopers analyze the vehicle's "black box" which will have information about the speed of the vehicle and if Ms. Bepler was pushing the gas or brake pedal.