Suburban Crime Log: 3-01




Brian Dibble, West Pembridge, Toledo, laptop computer, laptop bag, and assorted tools from vehicle in 1600 block of Market.

Allen Newbold, Trotter, Toledo, soccer shoes, laptop computer, tablet computer, Army-issue assault pack, duffel bag and contents from vehicle in 1400 block of Reynolds.

Budget Inn, TV from room in 100 block of Dussel.

Michelle Vollmar, Three Meadows, Perrysburg, assorted jewelry from 1600 block of Market Place.


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Richard Fox, Mason, Toledo, auto from 3100 block of Wick.

Kathelin Abner, Freedom, Toledo, purse and contents from 2000 block of Woodville.

Danella Rental Systems, Plymouth, Pa., tail light lens from vehicle in 3100 block of Dustin.

Kenneth Adkins, Short, Curtice, wallet and contents from 3700 block of Navarre.

Brandon Shields, bicycle from front yard of residence in 2600 block of Gladhaven.


Perrysburg Township


Kimberly Schumaker, pickup from residence in 25000 block of McCutcheonville.

Derek Bartok, gun from vehicle at home in 7000 block of Fox Creek.


Tammy Sandwisch, smart-phone charger from vehicle in 9500 block of Mandell.

Terry Kerr, Flat Rock, Mich., cash from room in 10000 block of Fremont Pike.

Caudill Perry and Derrick Joseph, assorted tools, video game, and satellite radio from residence in 25000 block of Apex.



Myra Grimes, TVs, video games, video controllers, tennis shoes, and jewelry from residence in 7300 block of Ayers.




Virginia Menlove, Chatham Way, Perrysburg, purse and contents from vehicle in 300 block of Superior.




Nathan Mitchell, Whitehouse, Toledo, medication from purse in 6200 block of Monroe.


Sylvania Township


Marathon, cash from clerk by man who appeared to point a gun in 5400 block of West Alexis.



Lori Grant, checkbook from residence in 3200 block of Centennial.

Unique Smith, 2900 block of Lawrence, purse and contents in 5800 block of West Central.

Kimberly Hockenheimer, smart phone from 5800 block of West Central.