Suburban Crime Log: 3-08


Bedford Township


Bedford Inn, employee robbed of cash from register and safe at hotel in 6400 block of South Telegraph.

Education Plus Credit Union, staff members threatened with handgun and robbed of cash at financial institution in 3500 block of Sterns.


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Elijah Askins, cash from gym locker at school in 8200 block of Jackman.

Joyce Jenkins, cash from vehicle in 7500 block of Wilfred.

Nicholas Amos, bag with baseball bats, mitts, and helmet from school in 8200 block of Jackman.




Rachel Williams, prescription medication from residence in 600 block of Sackett.

Paula Gillespie, Saturn, Toledo, cell phone from 1700 block of Indian Wood.

Penny Vanbuskirk, Brandon, Toledo, change, cell-phone charger, computer monitor, camera, tablet computer, case, and keyboard from vehicle 1300 block of Conant.

Xiaoyu Zang, Nightengale, Holland, passport, checkbook, shoulder bags and contents, laptop computer, sunglasses, and clothing from vehicle in 500 block of West Dussel.

Paul Sinclair, license plate, remote control race car, tire sets, car parts, toolbox, and assorted tools from vehicle at home in 1900 block of Key.

Amanda Roberts, Oak Tree, Toledo, wallet and contents from 1400 block of Holland.

Megan Early, Findlay, jacket, global-positioning device, and glasses from vehicle in 2900 block of Key.

Budget Inn, TV and remote from business in 100 block of Dussel.

Colton Omler, Pemberville, Lake Township, duffel bag and contents from vehicle in 1600 block of Market Place.

Nicole McGurk, Gradwohl, Toledo, purse and contents from vehicle in 1600 block of Market Place.

Anna Unnerstall, 3400 block of Swan Ridge, cash from purse in 500 block of West Dussel.

Country Inn and Suites, cash from business in 500 block of West Dussel.


Monclova Township


Steven Wymer, cash, money order, laptop computer, and documents from bar in 10100 block of Maumee Western.




Dustin Lietaert, Oak Harbor, Ohio, TV and cash from 300 block of Bihl.

Raymond Robarge, cash from residence in 200 block of Rood.




Chinester Bates, Cherry, Toledo, personal papers from 3100 block of Dustin.



Jacob Macejewski, mailbox from residence in 5200 block of Brown.

Teresa Bresler, video game, video cartridges, jewelry, and coins from residence in 1700 block of Norcross.

Deborah Evers, of 500 block of Ansonia, debit card from 2500 block of Navarre.

Cynthia Evers, 1400 block of South Coy, debit card from 2500 block of Navarre.

Nationwide Auto, dealer license plates from business in 2100 block of Woodville; license plates later recovered.

Nationwide Auto Finance, car batteries, heater coils, and tires/​rims from vehicle on business lot in 2100 block of Woodville.

Eggleston Meinert and Pavley, smart phone from 400 block of South Coy.

Michael Smith, vehicle from residence in 2600 block of Hayden.




Dawn Laroe, jewelry from residence in 7100 block of South Wilkinson.

Jessica Lipinski, package from front porch of residence in 500 block of Findlay.

Patrick Lahey, change and personal papers from vehicle at home in 1100 block of Timberbrook.

Monica Dorner, 10000 block of Belmont Meadows, gym bag and contents from 5100 block of Chappel.

Kenneth Deline, 26000 block of Fort Megis, global-positioning device and Jumper starter machine from vehicle in 26000 block of Eckel.

Julian Wilkins, garbage can from residence in 1500 block of North Redhawk.

Evelyn Daniels, cash from residence in 200 block of Zoar.


Springfield Township


Shane Zablocki, checkbook, tablet computer, and TV from 700 block of South McCord.

Pauline Wallace, no items reported as stolen from residence in 2700 block of Gunn.



Diane Roach, cash from financial institution in 7600 block of Angola.

Adam Majchszac, laptop computer from residence in 700 block of South McCord.

Misty Welshans, cash from residence in 6800 block of Oakfield.




Kathryn Helf, known person broke into home in 4900 block of Brinthaven, no loss reported.



Gary Btown, license plate from vehicle in 7400 block of Grenlock.


Sylvania Township


Hana Aridi, purse and contents from residence in 2300 block of Eversham.

Fran Wies, jewelry and cash from residence in 3200 block of North Centennial.



Clear View Windshield Repair, Cape Coral, Fla., windshield repair kit from 6100 block of West Central.

Kistler Ford, several car batteries from business lot in 5500 block of Central.


University of Toledo


University of Toledo, bottles of pop from residential hall in 2800 block of South Glass Bowl.

Peymon Zereshki, wallet with cash, bank cards, and driver’s license from recreational facility in 2800 block of East Rocket.